Happy Easter! It’s such a relief to have a long weekend because the summer weather has been so good these past few months that I’ve been out and about making the most of it – meaning the list of things needing to be done at home has been growing and growing… It’s good to see […]

It’s prime ice cream-making season here at the moment, which means I am facing the perennial problem of what to do with my leftover egg whites. Macarons are too time-consuming (more on them some other time), I am not a fan of their coconutty cousins the macaroons, and there are very rarely occasions befitting the […]

I travelled a fair way to bring you this one – but it was worth it! The summer holiday brought with it the long-awaited chance to explore a different part of New Zealand – Hawkes Bay, the fruit bowl of NZ! There were berries aplenty. What a dream. But it also turns out that the […]

It’s been a while since I published a cookie recipe, but Christmas is as good a time as any to do so. I always keep a jar full in case of any unexpected visitors. Cookies make great gifts too – simply wrap a stack in cellophane, or buy a nice plate or jar to give […]

Auckland saw some atrocious weather last week, but the beautiful weekend just passed has kept the hope of a decent summer alive. It’s still Auckland though, which means things could change in an instant. Therefore, while farmers are making their hay – we must eat ice cream.   Little Paddock ice cream, to be precise. This […]

I developed this recipe after a request from a friend looking for something tasty to put in her husband’s lunchbox! It took me a couple of goes to get the muffin texture right, but I’m happy with the final result. The swirls of peanut butter are a nice, salty surprise and if you use crunchy […]

It’s odd isn’t it? A baking blog writing about unbaked food? Stay with me – I’m taking you somewhere delicious. The Little Bird Unbakery is, as its name alludes to, a proponent of the raw movement. Usually vegan or vegetarian, food is eaten raw or cooked at less than 40˚C. I don’t know an awful […]