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A new chapter

Hello friends of the baking of…  This blog has been idle for some time now and this note is to let you know that I am working on a new food writing project – Kitchen Chapters. It’s a site which takes you inside people’s kitchens to gain a deeper understanding of the role food plays […]

treat of the week: “apple”, Milse

To say that Milse has had a busy couple of opening weeks would be a complete understatement.With people queuing for up to two hours to get in (they aren’t taking bookings at the moment), the owners are considering hiring security guards to keep the sugar-craving hordes at bay. “You dessert fiends are crazy!” one of […]

treat of the week: d-doughnuts, mister d

I travelled a fair way to bring you this one – but it was worth it! The summer holiday brought with it the long-awaited chance to explore a different part of New Zealand – Hawkes Bay, the fruit bowl of NZ! There were berries aplenty. What a dream. But it also turns out that the […]

caramel, apple and cinnamon cookies.

It’s been a while since I published a cookie recipe, but Christmas is as good a time as any to do so. I always keep a jar full in case of any unexpected visitors. Cookies make great gifts too – simply wrap a stack in cellophane, or buy a nice plate or jar to give […]

spiced pumpkin cupcakes (vegan).

I’m fairly sure the first cupcakes I ever had came out of a box. You know the ones – just add eggs, water and butter, squeeze the sickly sweet icing out of a bag, and drop a little edible sticker of a cartoon character on top. I used to beg my mum to buy these, […]

peanut butter, chocolate and oat cookies.

These cookies were inspired by this recipe book from a New York institution, which a good friend recently brought back for me from the Big Apple. Magnolia Bakery is, of course, the cupcake store famously coveted by Carrie and Miranda in Sex and the City. It is quintessential New York – when I visited the […]

salted caramel and almond slice.

Is salted caramel the new sweet and sour? Not at all – it’s far better. Lip-puckering saltiness takes the sickly sweet edge off the luxurious caramel in a perplexing, yet utterly delightful way. Salted caramel has begun appearing in cafe cabinets and on restaurant menus all over Auckland. But like so many other food trends, […]