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treat of the week: “apple”, Milse

To say that Milse has had a busy couple of opening weeks would be a complete understatement.With people queuing for up to two hours to get in (they aren’t taking bookings at the moment), the owners are considering hiring security guards to keep the sugar-craving hordes at bay. “You dessert fiends are crazy!” one of […]

treat of the week: bagels, best ugly

If the online reaction to Best Ugly’s opening last week was any indication, bagel-loving Aucklanders have apparently been crying out for a place like this for a while. Ever since the short-lived Wolfem Bros on High St closed a few years ago, we have been forced to watch jealously as our Wellington mates post instagrams […]

treat of the week: cheese scone, the federal store

My discovery of this New Plymouth gem was borne out of my annual trip to the WOMAD festival. We happened to be staying a couple of streets away, and its shabby chic decor and packed tables caught my eye. I didn’t have time to stop in until I was on my way out of town. […]

treat of the week: d-doughnuts, mister d

I travelled a fair way to bring you this one – but it was worth it! The summer holiday brought with it the long-awaited chance to explore a different part of New Zealand – Hawkes Bay, the fruit bowl of NZ! There were berries aplenty. What a dream. But it also turns out that the […]

treat of the week: little paddock ice cream

Auckland saw some atrocious weather last week, but the beautiful weekend just passed has kept the hope of a decent summer alive. It’s still Auckland though, which means things could change in an instant. Therefore, while farmers are making their hay – we must eat ice cream.   Little Paddock ice cream, to be precise. This […]

treat of the week: sprouted bread, little bird unbakery

It’s odd isn’t it? A baking blog writing about unbaked food? Stay with me – I’m taking you somewhere delicious. The Little Bird Unbakery is, as its name alludes to, a proponent of the raw movement. Usually vegan or vegetarian, food is eaten raw or cooked at less than 40˚C. I don’t know an awful […]

treat of the week: Jakarta special

I’ve been in Jakarta for just over a week now, and am suffering from unprecedented sugar fatigue. Everything here is sweet! The bread, the crackers, the milk… The baking here seems to be heavily American-influenced – donuts and pretzels are everywhere. Here are a few snaps of the treats I’ve been eating – enjoy! My […]