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cheese biscuits.

Recently, a friend of mine founded a ‘cheese society’ – nothing particularly high-brow or culinary, just a fantastic excuse for a group of people to get together on a Sunday afternoon to drink wine and eat cheese. Lots and lots of cheese: The event gave me an excuse to resurrect an old favourite recipe: Mum’s […]

cheese scones filled with spinach and feta.

There isn’t much more comforting on a wet, gloomy afternoon than the smell of freshly baked cheese scones wafting from the oven. And that first bite – the crunch of the cheese shell, followed by the warm, pillow-soft centre – makes the effort of getting out of bed and into the kitchen all worthwhile. I’ve […]

bagels for beginners.

Yeast and I have not historically had a good relationship. I always found it temperamental and far too reliant on specific environmental conditions beyond my control; I’m sure it thought me woefully lacking in patience and kneading strength. This resulted in far too many bricks of pizza dough. And the time I decided to trust […]