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opening soon: moustache milk & cookie bar

An exciting new venture is opening in central Auckland this Friday, September 14 – the Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar. It claims to be the first of its kind in Auckland, and I certainly can’t think of anything else like it. Anticipation is high amongst the city’s cookie lovers – its Facebook page was only […]

50 Shades of...

more than just a spoonful of sugar.

Brown sugar: oatmeal porridge is nothing without it, and it’s a dream when paired with dark chocolate. (These cookies are but one example.) I suspect Mary Poppins would approve of using a little brown sugar to help the medicine go down – it’s fuss-free in flavour, yet decadent, and just a little bit wicked. But […]

bake me a blog.

Why? Because I like writing, I really like baking, and I love eating. And because this is The Internet – so I can pretty much do whatever I want! I hope you’ll enjoy reading – and maybe even find something useful along the way.     © thebakingof 2012