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apple crumble pie.

Apple crumble is one of my favourite comfort foods. It’s hard to beat the combination of juicy, just-soft-enough apple and crunchy topping – accompanied, of course, by a generous scoop of ice cream (preferably hokey pokey) melting all over it. Along with self-saucing chocolate pudding, it was the dessert I always begged my mum to […]

sweet shortcrust pastry.

Pastry is a tricky little devil. It sticks, it breaks, and it burns. Or at least, that’s been my experience of it. I can’t even seem to work with the store-bought stuff without tearing it up in frustration. But with a bit of free time on my hands in the weekend, I decided it was […]

bagels for beginners.

Yeast and I have not historically had a good relationship. I always found it temperamental and far too reliant on specific environmental conditions beyond my control; I’m sure it thought me woefully lacking in patience and kneading strength. This resulted in far too many bricks of pizza dough. And the time I decided to trust […]