Monthly Archives: April 2013

cheese biscuits.

Recently, a friend of mine founded a ‘cheese society’ – nothing particularly high-brow or culinary, just a fantastic excuse for a group of people to get together on a Sunday afternoon to drink wine and eat cheese. Lots and lots of cheese: The event gave me an excuse to resurrect an old favourite recipe: Mum’s […]

treat of the week: bagels, best ugly

If the online reaction to Best Ugly’s opening last week was any indication, bagel-loving Aucklanders have apparently been crying out for a place like this for a while. Ever since the short-lived Wolfem Bros on High St closed a few years ago, we have been forced to watch jealously as our Wellington mates post instagrams […]

jam slice.

This is the stuff Kiwi afternoon teas are made of! I have long been a fan of jam slices but it’s taken me this long to attempt making my own, even after years of continual disappointment from the cardboard-like ones found in bakeries that require a microscope to find any trace of fruit. I was […]

treat of the week: cheese scone, the federal store

My discovery of this New Plymouth gem was borne out of my annual trip to the WOMAD festival. We happened to be staying a couple of streets away, and its shabby chic decor and packed tables caught my eye. I didn’t have time to stop in until I was on my way out of town. […]