treat of the week: lemon dream cake, the apothecary licensed eatery

Walking down Howick’s main street is a little like stepping back in time. Somehow, even with the construction of apartment blocks and multiplex cinemas, the area still feels as comforting and inviting as it did when my mum used to take me there for ham sandwiches and cream donuts when I was young.

The Apothecary captures a time even longer ago than that – the back walls of the dimly lit store adorned with the shelves and jars of a 1950s pharmacy. To get to the counter, you have to pick your way through antique furniture, hunting trophies, and all manner of other knickknacks – many of which are for sale. You’ll be richly rewarded – the counter is well-stocked with all sorts of savouries and sweets: all house-made, and very difficult to choose between!

The Lemon Dream cake is exactly as its name suggests. Two soft, towering blankets of lemon topped with pillows of icing – it looks formidable but tastes sublime, with just the right balance between tart and sweet.

Lemon Dream Cake

I can also recommend the gigantic sausage rolls! Mine was meaty, well-seasoned, and very tasty indeed. The Apothecary is well worth taking a trip out east for.

The Apothecary Licensed Eatery
27 Picton Street, Howick, Auckland 2014
Ph: 09 535 9661

© thebakingof 2012


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