treat of the week: triple chocolate cookie, mrs higgins queen street

Things have been a bit quiet on the baking and blogging front ever since the New Zealand International Film Festival rolled into town last week. Instead of spending the weekend nestled by the warmth of the oven, I cosied up in cinemas – eating with my eyes, but feeling every bit as indulgent.

Civic Theatre, Auckland

A weekend at the film festival can be just as detrimental to your waistline as enjoying your own baking. My cinema experiences are most sublime when accompanied by a sweet treat and a good coffee.

So here is a film festival-themed treat of the week. Yes, Mrs Higgins’ cookies are commercial and mass-produced – but I still think they’re pretty good. Maybe I get sucked in by the faux-rustic display baskets and checkered napkins, or that irresistible “fresh-baked” smell that wafts temptingly along Queen Street to draw in even the most stressed office workers. *

Mrs Higgins Triple Chocolate Cookie

Whatever it is, I have hassled my mother to buy me these cookies since way back when. They cost a lot more now ($1.90 – I remember her complaining when they pushed over the dollar mark), but they’re still bigger than anything I would dare to make at home. Packed full of chocolate, crisp around the outside, chewy in the middle – and just a short stroll away from the main film festival venue The Civic!

I treated myself to one on Saturday to help get me through all the reviews I had to write – and I daresay I’ll be back for more before the festival ends.

Standard review-writing setup.


Mrs Higgins Oven Fresh Cookies
268 Queen Street, Auckland Central
Ph: 09 373 4284

* Completely unsubstantiated urban legends abound that the smell is actually generated by a cookie-scented perfume, rather than by actual fresh baking. To me, the smell is too real to be synthetic – but I’d be interested to hear any evidence to the contrary …



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