treat of the week: coffee and date slice, the fridge

As a university student I lived just up the road from The Fridge, and justified my frequent visits there by telling myself sweet incentives were an essential part of an effective study plan. Later, when working a gruesomely early shift at work, my colleagues and I would go on “Pie Runs” there to reward ourselves at the end of each week.

I hadn’t really done anything to deserve a visit this time around, but even so, going there after a considerable absence was like being welcomed back into a long-lost friend’s house … and heading straight for the pantry.

The Fridge specialises in counter food. Get there before lunchtime and the cabinets are jam-packed with wraps, salads, and all manner of sweets – including classics like lamingtons and jam donuts. Things empty out pretty quickly though, and woe betide you if you dare to come between a local yuppie and the last Fridge Pie. They (the pies, not the yuppies) are pretty pricey these days, but deserve to be tried at least once. The puffy, flaky pastry defies tidy eating, and you can actually identify individual filling components, which is mighty reassuring.

To me though, the baked goods are the real stars here. They’re always fresh, generously sized, and homely. As a notoriously indecisive treat-chooser, it is not unusual for me to umm and ahh over the selection for an indecent amount of time, before throwing my hands in the air and making someone else choose.

It’s pretty hard to go past this slice, though: a crisp shell of icing over a soft base, and just the right balance of coffee and date. Perfect with, well, what else? Coffee.

The Fridge Cafe
507 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021
Ph: 09 845 5321

© thebakingof 2012



  1. How did I not get a shout-out in this blog? I feel empty

    1. Oh dear, I’ve upset a reader already. But to be fair Jono, you only had a smoothie, and this is a baking blog.

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