Monthly Archives: July 2012

lemon melting moments.

Those of you who follow this blog on Facebook or Twitter may have seen that my husband decided to take control of the oven last weekend. This isn’t terribly unusual for him – he’s a dab hand at dinners – but what is less common is to see him daintily shaping cookie dough into little […]

gingerbread people.

Is “people” too politically correct a term for this classic biscuit? Well, in the words of the great bard, “A biscuit by any other name would taste as sweet.” I guess that settles it then. Whatever you want to call them, they are an easy crowd pleaser whose outfits are limited only by your imagination. […]

treat of the week: triple chocolate cookie, mrs higgins queen street

Things have been a bit quiet on the baking and blogging front ever since the New Zealand International Film Festival rolled into town last week. Instead of spending the weekend nestled by the warmth of the oven, I cosied up in cinemas – eating with my eyes, but feeling every bit as indulgent. A weekend […]

cheese scones filled with spinach and feta.

There isn’t much more comforting on a wet, gloomy afternoon than the smell of freshly baked cheese scones wafting from the oven. And that first bite – the crunch of the cheese shell, followed by the warm, pillow-soft centre – makes the effort of getting out of bed and into the kitchen all worthwhile. I’ve […]

sweet shortcrust pastry.

Pastry is a tricky little devil. It sticks, it breaks, and it burns. Or at least, that’s been my experience of it. I can’t even seem to work with the store-bought stuff without tearing it up in frustration. But with a bit of free time on my hands in the weekend, I decided it was […]

treat of the week: coffee and date slice, the fridge

As a university student I lived just up the road from The Fridge, and justified my frequent visits there by telling myself sweet incentives were an essential part of an effective study plan. Later, when working a gruesomely early shift at work, my colleagues and I would go on “Pie Runs” there to reward ourselves […]

peanut butter, chocolate and oat cookies.

These cookies were inspired by this recipe book from a New York institution, which a good friend recently brought back for me from the Big Apple. Magnolia Bakery is, of course, the cupcake store famously coveted by Carrie and Miranda in Sex and the City. It is quintessential New York – when I visited the […]