Monthly Archives: June 2012

spicy pear loaf.

Now that we are well into winter, the comfort of a chilly afternoon spent by a warm oven is the perfect opportunity to try new recipes. And if your oven’s as old as mine, it may even leak enough heat to increase the temperature of your house by a couple of degrees. The problem with winter is that […]

treat of the week: vanilla cupcakes, humbug cafe

It’s good to see suburban cafes popping up around greater Auckland that are more than capable of holding their own against the big names in Ponsonby, Parnell and Mt Eden. A good cafe need not be surrounded by designer clothing and specialty food stores. In the suburbs, parking is a doozy, and the clientele are […]

salted caramel and almond slice.

Is salted caramel the new sweet and sour? Not at all – it’s far better. Lip-puckering saltiness takes the sickly sweet edge off the luxurious caramel in a perplexing, yet utterly delightful way. Salted caramel has begun appearing in cafe cabinets and on restaurant menus all over Auckland. But like so many other food trends, […]

treat of the week: cheese scones, rabbithole cafe

Just the way they should be – crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and so generously cheesy you get the little crispy bits around the bottom. I am yet to master baking my own scones this well! Rabbithole is a cute little cafe, full of wildflowers and mismatched china. The counter food is […]

bagels for beginners.

Yeast and I have not historically had a good relationship. I always found it temperamental and far too reliant on specific environmental conditions beyond my control; I’m sure it thought me woefully lacking in patience and kneading strength. This resulted in far too many bricks of pizza dough. And the time I decided to trust […]

bake me a blog.

Why? Because I like writing, I really like baking, and I love eating. And because this is The Internet – so I can pretty much do whatever I want! I hope you’ll enjoy reading – and maybe even find something useful along the way.     © thebakingof 2012